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Happy New Year! Okay, I know I’m a little late to the party (or after party ?) however, I think it’s always good to give yourself a bit of breathing space after the enormity of one year passing to another beginning. So many people pin their hopes and dreams on what marks a pinnacle date with which significant life changes are made. How many people vow to start a diet on New Year’s Day, yet fuck it up by lunchtime as they still have 2 tubs of Quality Street and party food remnants floating about?
So following a week to settle after the Xmas and New Year festivities I’ve had a chance to reflect on what I achieved last year (which was a hell of a lot!)  and get a thought process and plan in order for the up and coming year. I have set myself a goal to have undertaken my first workshop by Easter, and over the Christmas break I’ve been looking at content and pulling together data and research. I WILL DO THIS!! ? As my passion lies with the creative side of social media, I think it seems logical to follow my heart instead of trying to be a Jack of all trades and really hone my skills and knowledge into the platforms I enjoy the most; namely Instagram and Pinterest. Having trained along side a wonderfully skilled collective of social media managers (aka Digital Mums) I know that if I get a referral, I can pass that client onto someone who is more skilled and passionate in that particular field. I’ll be doing more video content this year.. something I’ve shied away from previously, preferring to stay behind the scenes, but I’ve decided to go all out this year so watch out for a few changes; these positive pants are well and truly on and I have high hopes for 2019! ?