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One of the fundemental flaws a lot of businesses make when tackling their social media is they are simply posting and creating content with no real target audience in mind.


It may feel like a safe bet to post generically but you’d be seriously wrong! You’ve heard the term ‘A Jack of all trades, master of none’ right? The same applies to social media too!



Find your niche!!


This should naturally fall where your passion lies within your business. For example, as a mum myself, I find common ground with other entrepreneurial women who are also spinning plates and juggling their business development with family life. Passion-wise, I love interior design, soft furnishings and gardening. I have a real soft spot for supporting local businesses in my home town of Folkestone and am trying to do my bit for the environment and live more sustainably. With this in mind, my role as a social media consultant naturally draws my target audience towards female creatives, with my specialism being in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook; the more visual platforms.


By posting content that doesn’t really cater for a specific target market means you are essentially diluting your products and services in a bid to please everyone.






1) Think about who your ideal client would be by looking at their demographics. What is their age? Where do they live? What is there job? How much do they earn? Do they have a family? What do they like doing for fun? Where do they go on holiday? What type of diet and lifestyle do they lead? By understanding the demographics of your ideal client you can start to think about them as a real person or group of people.


2) Now you can think about how your products or services will benefit them. What are their pain points? How can your business be beneficial to them? Why would they like you or be drawn to your business? What are your common interests?


3) Finally you can think about the type of content you think they would like to see and build a content pie chart. Don’t be spammy and push your products post after post. Include a mixture of content subjects such as personal and local life. This allows your target audience to get to know you as a brand and understand your core values. 

It can be scary niching down; you may think you are narrowing your availability to attract clients. In actual fact you are being more authentic and totally up front with who you want to work with – that’s actually a good thing!  It’ll cut out a lot of potential faff wondering if you are both a good fit for each other and you’ll attract more of the right type of clients.


Remember, follower numbers are vanity. It is much better to have 1000 followers who are excited to see your posts and whom actively participate than 10,000 who are largely made up of bots and follow for follow.



If you’d like some help creating a strategy and learning who your target audience is then send me a message – let’s work together on creating the best social for your business!