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Last week I went to my first ever photoshoot. Well, I say my first, but I’m discounting the cheesy shoot all women of a certain age had taken back in the 90’s (soft focus, sepia toned, whimsical stare into the background… oh, you had those too – great!).

This shoot however, was for my business. As my business is service based, it’s even more important to sell myself and my knowledge as a product, as well as showcase my authenticity and the services I offer.

Mooie Fee

I chose Amy from Mooie Fee as not only is she Folkestone based, she is super talented in business branding photoshoots. Her portfolio is outstanding and totally reflected the message I wanted to portray on my website and social media channels.

So why should you invest in photography for your business?

1) Brand imagery matters

According to Forbes, your brand imagery is absolutely crucial in setting yourself apart from your competitors. It’s tough finding your niche in a crowded online world, so one way to set yourself apart is by investing in some fantastic shots that clearly represent your brand message.


2) Stock photography is largely ignored.

It’s true. Although stock images may look beautiful on your website, consumers are more interested in forming a bond with the brands they buy into. This means they are looking for more authenticity and less gloss. In a study by Jakob Nielsen it was found that users pay more attention to images that depicts relevant information as opposed to ‘fluffy’ images used to ‘jazz’ up web pages.


3) Better conversion rates

Real images create more engagement. Simple. This study by ExactTarget showed that better image selection increased click through rates by 40.2%. That’s real food for thought and an investment worth considering.


So what was involved?

I met Amy at Rocksalt in Folkestone. I had an idea of the types of images I wanted to portray and thought the setting would lend itself really well to my desired aesthetic. 

Although a little nervous and camera shy, Amy had a real knack at putting me at ease and making me laugh to get some natural shots.

I am passionate about shopping small and supporting local business so we moved on up The Old High Street where she captured me in various locations.

I am thrilled with the results! The images are perfectly unperfect. They portray me as my authentic self – professional yet approachable with a hint of fun! I am really looking forward to using my shots throughout my website and across my social platforms.

If you’d like to find out more about Amy, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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