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Pinterest recently announced an exciting new feature – they now offer a Stories function which enables the user to post up to 20 images, text and multiple links within the one Stories Pin. I’ve had a play and realise this is going to be a game changer!! I’m excited to start using it more and sharing why it’s fantastic news for businesses.


People lump Pinterest in with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In fact it is a search engine in its own right and a pretty savvy one too!  It’s no longer a place just to get wedding inspo or to look for healthy recipes. Social media marketers are beginning to realise the potential Pinterest can have and are starting to utilise it a lot more within their marketing strategy.


A few Pinterest facts..

So why should you start using Pinterest for your business?

 1) Pinterest users are there to explore, learn and have intent to buy.  

93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. This is great news for your business. By utilising the correct keywords, your target audience can find you, your products and services a lot easier. 


2) Pinterest works well for large global brands as well as small local businesses.

It’s true. By tagging your location within your keywords you are making your business more discoverable. For example, if you are an Etsy seller in Kent producing artwork for a nursery or playrooms, be sure to include Kent within the description along with specific keywords that describe the item. Make sure you have a collection of 10-15 boards that give value to your audience so they will be inspired to follow. People may not need your services immediately, but when they do, they know who to contact as you have been feeding useful and engaging content.


3) The life of a pin is on average 105 days.

This is great news for busy businesses! If your posts are not time sensitive, you can repin it, meaning you doContent that has no expiration date is known as evergreen content and allows you to continually serve your audience throughout the year. Pinterest is a great place for sharing articles, blogs, products and services, so by creating a scheduling system ie Tailwind you can be sure your message is consistently being delivered without gaining fatigue. As your post gains traction. it will be repinned by others, who’s audience’s will also be exposed to your content – essentially free marketing and exposure for you!


4) You do not need high follower numbers to succeed on Pinterest

Pinners come to Pinterest to look for a specific item, product or service. If your content falls within that search, you will be found. Be sure to use specific keywords to enable your post to be found.


5) You’ll only need to spend 10 minutes a day!

This is great news for business owners who are time pressured! Unlike the ever increasing need to spend oodles of time engaging with followers in a bid to grow (and retain) followers on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, once you have set up and optimised Pinterest your daily activity requirement will be significantly less. 




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